Boy Meets Girl

This course seeks to cover an array of topics and answer questions that frequently perplex Muslims. At Alif institute, we seek to deliver courses which accommodate both practicing and non-practicing Muslims – in a time in history where there is a rise in narcissism, feminism, religious fundamentalism, it’s crucial for Muslims to know the moral, ethics and reasoning behind Allah’s commands.

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Living in the West means we are more susceptible to encounter the opposite gender in our day to day lives – Muslims and non-Muslims. To safeguard our chastity and maintain etiquettes as per prescribed by Allah and His messenger, through this course you will learn why there is an importance placed on safeguarding the opposite genders from one another and the various tips and tricks you can enact.


Some of the questions we seek to explore include:

Can boys and girls, men and women, just be friends?

Can I work with the opposite gender in the workplace?

What is ‘khalwa’ and what can I do to avoid it?
Can I do a group project with the opposite gender at College/ University?

Am I allowed to handshake the opposite gender?

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Muslim Guide to Time Management

Join Alif Institute for a one-day time management course tailored to maximise a Muslim’s productivity. You will be given an insight on how to effectively and efficiently manage your time. This course aims to emphasise the need for planning, organising, setting goals and responding to day-to-day activities and demands. You will also live a day in your shoes, and analyse the various habits and routines which makes you deficient, subsequently raising your level of awareness.

A Day in the Life of the Prophet

Learning about the Prophet (saw) provides insight into the life of the greatest man to work this Earth. He came to serve as an example, most importantly, he came to convey the message of the Creator of mankind. His life serves as a timeless example. He was chosen and guided by Allah and was tested with challenges in all facets of life, yet, he remained steadfast upon the truth. It is for this reason, ‘A Day in the Life of the Prophet’ is such an important opportunity for all Muslims to study the life of the last Prophet.