Area of Expertise

Hadith & Theology, Philosophy

Languages Spoken

English, Arabic


Graduate of Al-Azhar Academy, Cairo, Egypt; currently studying an MA in Philosophy, University of Glasgow

Sheikh Hassan Rabbani

Shaykh Hassan Rabbani is a Scottish born imam raised in Glasgow. He began his Islamic studies by completing the Darse Nizami programme at Jamia Al-Karam in Nottinghamshire. Consequently, Shaykh Hassan travelled to the distinguished Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied from eminent scholars, specialising in hadith and theology. Having graduated in 2010, he obtained an MA from the University of Aberdeen, with his research paper titled ‘Temporary marriage in Islam: A Sunni and Shi’i perspective.’ He is also a graduate of the Cambridge Muslim College.

The Shaykh is currently pursuing an MA in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow whilst working in the capacity of an imam. He is also the founder of Zainab Cobbold Institute, an endeavour that seeks to educate Muslims in Glasgow and its surrounding areas.

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